Aplikasi Pengenalan Budidaya Tanaman Hidroponik Berbasis Android

HYDROPONICS RECOGNITION APPLICATIONS BASED ON ANDROID Slamet[1], Ika Ratna I.A, S.Kom, M.T[2] Faculty of Engineering, Informatics Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo [email protected] [1], [email protected] [2] ABSTRACT Mobile technology is a technology that is growing rapidly in the current era of globalization can not be separated from human life, including the development of smartphones with different operating systems. One of the widely used operating system is Android. The advantages of the Android operating system is an attractive appearance and easy to use for all classes. One of them gives the community knowledge about hydroponics, because many people are still using most conventional systems (medium ground). Whereas if the plant by means of hydroponics, vegetables will have a much better quality and cleaner because it is not touched with the ground. Likewise with pests that can be controlled. The introduction of Android-based android application is generating output in the form of information, animation for growing hydroponically with seedling stage, making the nutrients, making the system of planting until harvest. This application is equipped with Audio / voice to describe the information that is displayed and the command to be done. In the process of testing Android-based Applications Introduction Hydroponics result of the respondent obtained a positive response in terms of appearance, functionality and ease of system. Users will get information about how to sow, how to create nutrition, making cropping systems sampa harvest. Keywords: Hydroponics, Android, Adobe Flash

Source: https://www.academia.edu/16586792/aplikasi_pengenalan_hidroponik_berbasis_android