Narasi Rakyat Singkat “Umbi lapis Biram Dan Kucai Putih” N domestik Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris-Sifat Kucai Polos yang baik lever dan rajin serta selalu membantu dengan murni membuatnya mendapatkan anugerah yang pantas. Penasaran hadiah segala yang akan di dapatkan Bawang Putih? Yuk simak kata sandang berikut tentang cerita rakyat “Umbi lapis Ahmar dan Bawang Putih dalam bahasa Inggris:

Cerita Rakyat Singkat “Bawang Merah Dan Bawang Putih” Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Narasi Rakyat Singkat “Bawang Merah Dan Berambang Zakiah” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

“Bawang Merah Dan Bawang Ikhlas”

A long time ago in Sumatra, tere was a village lived a family consisting of father, mother and a beautiful teenage girl named Bawang Sejati. They were a happy family. Although Kucai Tahir dad just ordinary traders, they lived in harmony and peace. One day Kucai Kudrati’s mother was seriously ill and eventually died. Bawang Zakiah was grieving as well as his father.

In the village lived a widow who batas a girl named Bawang Biram. Since mother died Umbi lapis Lugu, Umbi lapis Sirah’s mother often visited to the house of Bawang Putih. She often brought a food, helped cleaning the house and accompanied Bawang Putih. Father like with her. Finally father Bawang Kudrati thought that might be better if he married the Dasun Biram’s moher, Bawang Putih would feel so lonely anymore.

With consideration of Bawang Ceria, then the father married to Bawang Merah’s mother.At the first time, mother of Umbi lapis Merah and Bawang Merah very kind to Bawang Ceria. But time passed, they began to look their original nature.

They often scold Bawang Putih and give her a tough job if father Dasun Putih was going to trade. Bawang Putih should be doing all the housework, while Umbi lapis Merah and her stepmother just sitting around. Of course Bawang Putih father did titinada know it, because Bawang Ceria never told.

One day Berambang Tulen father fell ill and later died. Since then, Bawang Merah and her mother became more powerful badly and persecution of Umbi lapis Steril. Bawang Zakiah was almost never rested. She had to get up before dawn, to prepared the water for bathing and breakfast for Berambang Merah and stepmother.

Then she perenggan to feed livestock, watering the garden and washing clothes to the river. She still had to ironing, cleaning the house, and many other jobs. However Bawang Putih always did her job, because she hopes one day her stepmother would love her as her own child.

This morning, as usual, Umbi lapis Kudrati was carrying basket of clothes to be washed in the river. With little singing, she down a path at the edge of the usual small forest path. The day was very sunny weather. Umbi lapis Putih immediately washed all the dirty clothes she carried.

Because too much fun, Kucai Steril not realize that the clothes had washed, went away. Unfortunately the clothes was favourite clothes of her stepmother. When she realized it, her stepmother’s dress had drifted too far. Bawang Nirmala tried down to the river to look for it, but could not find it. In desperation, she returned home and told her mother.

“Basic! Ugly! careless!” Snapped her stepmother. “I do not want to know, you have to look for the clothes! And do not dare to go home if you have titinada found it. Understand?!”

 Berambang Nirmala was forced to obey her half overlying desire. She directly down the river where she washed before. Sun began to set, but the Bawang Putih senggat not find the clothes. She put up her eyes, carefully examined every overhung roots jutting into the river, that known where she washed the clothes, may be she could find there.

After stepping away and the kecupan was leaning to the west, Bawang Putih saw a shepherd who was bathing the buffalo. Umbi lapis Putih then asked him: “O my good uncle, uncle doyou see the red dress drifting through here? Because I need to find and bring it home. “” Yes, I perenggan seen my daughter. If you chase quickly, maybe you can catch itu, “said the uncle.

“Well uncle, thank you!” Said Berambang Putih and ran back down. It was getting dark, Kucai Kalis was getting desperate. Soon the night would arrived. From a distant looked light emanating from a hut on the banks of the river. Bawang Putih soon approached the house and knocked.

“Excuse me …!” Said Umbi lapis Bersih. An old woman opened the door.

“Who are you, girl?” Asked the old woman.

“My name is Bawang Polos, Grandma. Now I’m just looking for my mother’s clothes were washed away. And now it was benighted. Can I stay here tonight? “Asked Kucai Putih.

“Sure, girl. Are you looking for clothes that are red? “Asked the grandmother.

“Yes Grandma. Did grandmother find it? “Asked Bawang Bersih.

“Yes I Do. The clothes sempadan been stuck in front of my house. Unfortunately, even though I liked the clothes, “said the grandmother. “Well I’m going to return it, but you must first join derita here for a week. I have titinada been talking to anyone, how? “Asked the Grandma

During the week Bawang Putih lived with the grandmother. Every day Umbi lapis Sejati helped to do housework. Of course grandmother was happy. Until finally even been a week. Grandma gave Umbi lapis Putih reward, but she must choose one of them. Finally Bawang Tahir choose the smallest pumpkin. “I’m afraid not bring a big one,” she said. Grandma smiled and delivered Bawang Putih up to the front of the house.

At home, Bawang Putih handed her stepmother’s red shirt while she went to the kitchen to split the yellow pumpkin. Surprise, when Bawang Nirmala gourd split, it contained gold jewels very much. She was so excited and shouting this magical thing to tell her stepmother and Dasun Mera. But they greedy grab the gold and jewels. They forced Bawang Putih to tell them how she could get the prize. Bawang Putih also told the truth.

Heard Bawang Kudus’s story, Bawang Biram, and her mother was planning to do the same thing but this time the Bawang Merah that would do it. In short, Bawang Merah eventually tepi old grandmother’s house on the edge of the river. Such as Bawang Nirmala, Dasun Merah was asked to accompany her during the week. Unlike Berambang Nirmala, Bawang Merah during the week just lazing and not helping Grandma.

 If anything is done then the result was never good because it is always done at random. Finally after a week Bawang Merah went to go. “Grandmother, you must give me a pumpkin as a gift because accompany you during the week?” Asked Bawang Merah. The old woman had ordered Bawang Merah choose one of two pumpkins on offer. Quickly Kucai Merah take a big one and without thanked she walked away.

At home, Bawang Sirah immediately to her mother and happily showed pumpkin. For fear of Bawang Putih would asked a part of jewelry, they asked Dasun Ceria to go to the river. Then they could not wait to cut the pumpkin. They in hurry cut it. But unfortunately, it was not gold or any jewels in of the pumpkin, but venomous animals such as snakes, scorpions, and others. The animals were immediately attacked Kucai Ahmar and her mother. They cried and screamed. But no one helped them. They were died after that moment. That is the reward for those who are greedy. The end.

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