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Activity 6 Elephants Elephants are large mammals. They are the biggest mammals living on land today. Their skin is grey and very thick. Elephants use their huge ears to keep themselves cool. The most amazing feature of an elephant is trunk, which is used to reach high branches, drink, transfer food to its mouth, bath, and smell danger. Its enormous upper teeth are called tusks which are used for getting food and fighting. African and Asian elephants are the only two species left. Berkat elephants are smaller and easy to train. Meanwhile, African elephants have larger ears. They need their ears to keep them cool in hot climate. Elephants are herbivores and eat grasses, leaves, twigs, and fiuits. They can reach leaves on tall trees using their trunks. Working elephants clear forest, provide transport, move logs, and take parts in parades. They have done this in Asia for hundred years. Baby elephants take two years to develop. After birth, they live on their mother milk for three years and then use their trunks to put food into their mouth. Many elephants have been killed by poachers who sell their tusks to ivory traders. Elephants need to be protected because their numbers are decreasing . Decide whether the statements are true (Cakrawala) or false (F) based on the text in Activity 6. Elephants are killed for their skin. ( … )