I Use My Eyes To

Over the past five years, we’ve heard a lot of amazing stories.  Some of them are simple; some are heartwarming; some are down-right innovative. We’ve spent the last several months combing through our feedback and compiling this list of some of our favorite ways people are using Be My Eyes today. We hope it sparks your imagination and please, if you have a creative way of using the app, let us know by emailing [email protected]

At home

  • Reading the thermostat.
  • Help with wi-fi routers or modems.
  • Hanging pictures on the wall.
  • Postage stamps and mail.
  • Identifying bottles or cans.
  • Learning buttons on the remote control.
  • Sorting laundry.
  • Reading setup instructions and owners’ manuals.
  • Cleaning up a mess or finding stains.
  • Identifying packages at the door.

In the kitchen

  • Identifying food or checking the freshness of products.
  • Checking color or type of food.
  • Locating sharp or hot objects.
  • Reading recipes.
  • Setting a microwave.
  • Learning new appliances.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Decorating cakes.
  • Identifying different types of tea.
  • Finding the decaf coffee – or avoiding it.

With technology

  • Setting up new computers or devices.
  • Troubleshooting when screen readers don’t work.
  • Learning to use a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Reading serial numbers.
  • Getting past an image-based captcha (i.e. “identify all the firetrucks”).
  • Using a printer.
  • Using a 3D printer.
  • Recording video (GoPro, FB Live, YouTube).
  • Navigating TV or video game menus.
  • Building computers.

Out and about

  • Navigating train or subway stations.
  • Reading bus routes, arrival times or signage.
  • Finding your taxi, Uber or Lyft car.
  • Locating a particular door.
  • Finding rooms in unfamiliar buildings.
  • Finding garbage cans or recycle bins.
  • Reading street signs.
  • Raking leaves or gardening.
  • Woodworking or construction.
  • Operating a vending machine.


  • Identifying Audio CDs, Tapes and Vinyl Records.
  • Choosing the right guitar string.
  • Golfing.
  • Learning a board game.
  • Navigating public parks.
  • At theme parks or festivals.
  • Describing paintings and statues.
  • Checking to see if a swimming pool is crowded.
  • Checking the score of a sports game.
  • Identifying Legos or other toys.

Style and beauty

  • Matching clothing or an outfit.
  • Checking makeup.
  • Hair dying, roots and highlights.
  • Differentiating shampoo and conditioner.
  • Picking jewellery.
  • Shoe shopping.
  • Getting a second opinion at a clothing store.
  • When setting your profile picture on a website.
  • Before or after a haircut.
  • Telling if your hair is grey.

Health and fitness

  • Navigating the gym.
  • Mapping out an exercise route.
  • Setting exercise equipment.
  • Reading health monitoring equipment.
  • Identifying weights and barbells.
  • Reading placards or maps posted in nature.
  • Interpreting exercise videos.
  • Assembling or understanding exercise gear.
  • Avoiding undesired foods.
  • Reading a bathroom scale.


  • Learning the aisles of a grocery store.
  • Selecting food with similar packages.
  • Skimming racks at the shoe store.
  • Finding the correct size.
  • Checking and comparing prices.
  • Describing a pattern or textile.
  • Picking the right bulk food container.
  • To get an overview of the produce department.
  • Reading ingredients and/or materials.
  • Looking at jewellery or other items behind glass.

Miscellaneous tasks

  • Reading a children’s book.
  • Checking a garden for weeds.
  • Looking for objects that are out of reach (like a ball on a roof or fruit in a tree).
  • Find out what’s going on outside a closed window.
  • Reading or writing a greeting card.
  • Reading a restaurant menu.
  • Hearing about the view from a balcony or lookout point.
  • Decoding a facial expression or body language in an image.
  • Describing a meme.

Specialized Help

Google products

  • Setting up your Google Home.
  • Help with YouTube.
  • Getting to know your Chromebook.
  • Help with Gmail.
  • Questions about Google Docs.

Microsoft products

  • Installing Windows.
  • Questions about Microsoft Word.
  • Help with a Powerpoint presentation.
  • Setting up a new Surface laptop.
  • Troubleshooting Skype.

ClearBlue products

  • Interpret the results of pregnancy and fertility tests.

Source: https://www.bemyeyes.com/blog/100-ways-to-use-be-my-eyes