Soal Pelajaran Kelas 5 Sd Bahasa Inggris

Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Papan bawah 5 SD/Kwetiau Semester 1 & 2 Hipotetis, Les cak bertanya bahasa inggris ini boleh menjadi referensi untuk pasangan-teman dalam berbuat soal testing bahasa inggris.

Berikut ini dilansir dari laman, Tuntunan Pertanyaan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD/MI Semester 1 & 2 Kamil. Semoga bermanfaat.

Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas bawah 5 SD/Mihun


Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda:

I. Kerjakanlah pertanyaan di bawah ini!

1. Fatin has a good voice. She likes.

a. Skating
b. sing
c. ascend
d. dance

Answer: b

2. I want to clean the floor. I need.

a. water
b. bath soap
c. spoon
d. paper

Answer: a

3. If we want to save money, we can.

a. school
b. market
c. bank
d. household

Answer: c

4. I … record every Sunday.

a. Watch
b. read
c. to buy
d. research

Answer: a

5. My uncle … in the mosque.

a. to play
b. pray
c. watch
d. for cooking

Answer: b

6. Usually … 5 a.m.

a. sleep
b. Wake up
c. shower
d. breakfast

Answer: b

7. I always … after returning from school.

a. breakfast
b. lunch
c. dinner
d. dinner

Answer: b

8. My brother is taking a nap in.

a. Tomorrow
b. night
c. Good afternoon
d. night

Answer: c

9. After dinner. I looked at my watch. Now at nine I say.

a. Good morning
b. Good afternoon
c. Good night
d. Good night

Answer: d

10. Chelina … diary every night.

a. write
b. the cook
c. hour
d. to play

Answer: a

11. My father usually plants several trees. She likes.

a. for cooking
b. fish
c. gardening
d. a painting

Answer: c

12. Keanu takes a bath in.

a. bedroom
b. bathroom
c. kitchen
d. family room

Answer: b

13. We have to play naga in.

a. way
b. field
c. garden
d. school

Answer: b

14. Nonik …. English every day.

a. study
b. write
c. listen up
d. hour

Answer: a

15. His hobby is … He reads a lot of books.

a. singing
b, write
c. read
d. to play

Answer: c

16. I … the floor every morning.

a. listen up
b. for cooking
c. sweeping
d. watch

Answer: c

17. We have breakfast at.

a. Tomorrow
b. Good afternoon
c. night
d. midnight

Answer: a

18. We can play soccer in.

a. court
b. terrace
c. field
d. bedroom

Answer: c

19. Nando must … camp.

a. ball
b. tent
c. clean
d. bat